Pocket Memoirs

The Pocket Memoir is for those who wish to concentrate on a specific period of their lives, for instance their childhood. It is for those who do not wish to embark on a full Life Story book or family history.

A Pocket Memoir involves three interviews of two-hours’ duration in the comfort of the person’s home. The material is usually written in the first person and is lightly edited. The subject can then choose whether to have their Pocket Memoir produced as a spiral bound document with up to five photos, or printed as a bound Pocket Memoir Book on beautiful paper with photos to illustrate the story.

A Pocket Memoir can also document an ancestor’s life, for example Sid’s War (pictured).

Sid’s War

by Maria de Jong

This is not a tale of heroism in the trenches of World War I but of survival. Seven hundred kilometres of trenches wound through France and Belgium from the Swiss border to the North Sea, a daunting prospect for any soldier let alone a 16-year-old farm boy from Manuwatu. Sid Stanfield describes ‘going over the top’, blundering through mud, weighed down by eighty pounds of equipment, ordered to ‘charge’ under machine gun fire while 12-pounder guns lobbed shells from behind. It was an impossible task and he knew it. Whether it was luck or skill, Sid proved to be adept at avoiding death. Wounded four times and gassed, he survived what has been dubbed New Zealand’s ‘Blackest Day’ at the Battle of Passchendaele when 843 men lost their lives. This is Sid’s story.

210 x 145 mm, 80 pages, maps and photos
Cost: $25
email: maria@lifestories.co.nz

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