Audio Life Story

Have you ever enjoyed listening to a story on the radio? Audio recordings of a person telling stories from their life have the same effect. We can imagine the scenes as they share their experiences and the expression in the speaker’s voice adds emotion to the story. As we listen, we hear the person’s accent, their favourite expressions, their sense of humour, their unique perspective on life and are reminded of their personality.

We often hear people say, ‘If only we had recorded their stories.’ It’s important not to leave it too late but to get started now on capturing those memories.

The Process

  • Our Life Story interviewer meets the person for a preparatory interview and scopes out the project.
  • Interviews are friendly and relaxed and held in the person’s own environment. We are skilled at drawing out stories with thoughtful, sensitive questions. High quality audio equipment is used.
  • Interviews are approximately 90 minutes in duration and the number of sessions in total depends upon the requirements of the individual or couple.
  • Once interviews are completed, the audio material is lightly edited. You may order extra copies.

Completed Product

  • Two copies of the Audio Life Story on USB sticks in a presentation box. 
  • We customise the Audio Life Story to your needs and cost is determined on an individual basis.

  • A transcript of the interviews.
  • A hardcover book of family photos with an Audio Life Story inserted in the cover.

“Julie has such a gentle, friendly way with people; my parents looked forward to her visits. I’m just so glad that we recorded their stories and some family history while we had the chance.”

Sarah Russel

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