“Maria, What a voyage of discovery you took us on. Your patience, empathy, persistence and care have rewarded us with a story that will last for generations. Mum [Clare] has shared her life with you and that requires a deep trust. You have been an absolute joy to work with and we wish to convey our sincere thanks for the work you have done.”

Gray Maingay

“I loved listening to Dad’s stories when I was young and learnt so much about my Dad, especially of his escape from China, hardships as a teenager and establishing a successful business. Maria has formed a special connection with Mum and Dad and documented their lives. I am so happy to have created this book [In Search of the Gold Mount] for my children and future generations. This has been a wonderful project.”

Jacinta Chow

The Asmuss Story

“You’ve done a great job. It’s a magnificent book – well done.”

Keith R. Smith

Chair of the Asmuss Board of Directors. Chair of Goodman (NZ), Deputy Chair of The Warehouse Group and a Director of Westland Dairy Cooperative, Mercury NZ and Sky Network Television.

Now that our book writing journey is complete, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you [Maria] and Ruth for a wonderful experience. It has been quite a journey for Mum and Dad recalling their past history and going back in time, and we really appreciated the patient and sensitive approach Ruth took to the whole process. It felt unhurried and unfolded naturally and progressively.  We were also impressed with Ruth’s ability to build a narrative and flow to our parents’ story which ensured the book did more than just capture their past but also produced a story that was a captivating read. You and Ruth made the whole journey very easy, you both were a pleasure to engage with and we are extremely happy with the result.

Melanie Matthews and Gregor Baker

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