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“Maria, What a voyage of discovery you took us on. Your patience, empathy, persistence and care have rewarded us with a story that will last for generations. Mum [Clare] has shared her life with you and that requires a deep trust. You have been an absolute joy to work with and we wish to convey our sincere thanks for the work you have done.”

Gray Maingay, May 2017

“I loved listening to Dad’s stories when I was young and learnt so much about my Dad, especially of his escape from China, hardships as a teenager and establishing a successful business. Maria has formed a special connection with Mum and Dad and documented their lives. I am so happy to have created this book [In Search of the Gold Mount] for my children and future generations. This has been a wonderful project.”

Jacinta Chow

“Until now I never understood why it was that authors invariably seemed to lavish praise on their editors. I do now. Without Maria’s steadying hand and tact, I doubt this book would ever have seen the light of day. She has brought to the task immense patience, not to mention depth of understanding.”

Tony Farrow, Patron of ChildFund, former CEO of Nylex Products NZ Ltd

“It is a handsome and very accessible account of his family life, his teaching career and his evolution as a sculptor … Maria de Jong’s extended essay on his life is informative, easy to read and peppered with historical family photographs and quotes from her interviews with Fred Graham. She deals well with his Maori background, the carving history in his family, his supportive parents and his happy marriage.”

Emeritus Professor Michael Dunn was formerly the Head of Elam School of Art

-NZ Herald