by Maria de Jong and Rosalind David

Melbourne in the 1890s – women can’t vote and unmarried mothers are social outcasts. Frances, a young journalist, believes in equal rights for women and their right to have children outside of wedlock. In 1905, pregnant and alone, she boards a steamship for London. Closely intertwined with the lives of Frances and her daughter Sally are the lives of Frances’ best friend Ethel and her husband, author Charles Chomley.

In London Charles Chomley is editor/proprietor of the British Australasian newspaper where Frances is a senior journalist. Frances and her children are frequent visitors at the Chomley’s grand residence – No. 5 – a hub for Australian writers, artists and politicians.

As an adult in rural Wales, Frances’ daughter Sally must learn to reconcile the past, her origins, and the loss of loved ones. Gardening becomes her passion.

This intriguing double biography shows how women’s lives are shaped by society’s expectations and how social norms have changed. The book follows the lives of two strong women – Frances Fitzgerald Fawkner and Sara ‘Sally’ Rainforth.

260 x 200 mm, 177 pages, colour, softcover
ISBN 978-0-473-25706-4
Cost: $42