Life Stories – Valuing Our Past

Knowing where we come from helps us understand who we are in the present, and where we are going in the future. Understanding our history gives us a sense of belonging – we feel connected to the places, people and events of our past. At Life Stories we believe that each person has their own unique story to tell. We will help you tell that story. For more than 21 years, Life Stories has documented the histories of individuals, companies and organisations in New Zealand. By preserving the past, we create a valuable legacy to pass down through the generations. Our clients often describe our products as priceless. Our books are beautifully illustrated with photographs, maps and historical documents. The content of the books we produce is carefully crafted and edited. Research is undertaken so that relevant history is included. Our high quality video and audio recordings capture the unique voice, intonation and expressions of the person. Our books, video and audio recordings become heirlooms for families to treasure. Capturing your past may not seem important now, but eventually it will be. If we don’t speak to people about it now, by the time we get round to it, it may be too late. Call or email Life Stories now for a free consultation.

“Just a note to say thank you so much for creating such a beautiful book (Island View) with Charles and Ann’s memories. It really will be a treasure to all the family in the years to come.”

Liz Harsant